Cubic Mission Support Services (MSS)

Who We Are:

Cubic's Mission Support Services (MSS) is a leader in training and exercise support within the national defense and homeland security enterprises.  With over 4,000 employees in 130 locations across 20 nations, MSS represents the major services segment of Cubic Corporation's Defense sector.  MSS does business through several legal entities offering our customers access to a broad spectrum of quality products and services to meet dynamic requirements at very competitive market rates.  MSS positions our field offices to support our customers with professional, innovative, and cost effective services.  We employ skilled people, dedicated to their jobs and highly experienced in their selected fields.

What We Do:

Mission Support Services (MSS) is a trusted provider of highly specialized support services to our Government customers.  An industry leader in training and exercise execution, our support of real-world events has helped prepare US and allied forces to meet the full scope of mission requirements from large-scale combat to peacekeeping and humanitarian relief operations.

Each MSS program utilizes a team of highly skilled analysts and technicians to provide tailored planning, operations, and risk-based, intelligence-driven solutions support to clients around the globe.

MSS is meticulous about the details of program integration and execution so our clients can focus on the task at hand.

MSS subject matter experts design educational opportunities for both content knowledge and training purposes, creating an ideal learning environment for participants who require a deeper theoretical understanding or on-the-ground skills.

MSS ensures that our clients succeed in every aspect of their assigned missions or organizational directives by providing them with superior program and performance management.

In a world of ever increasing uncertainty and complexity, MSS Customers continue to trust in us to deliver the support that they need.