Cubic Mission Support Services (MSS)

A Member of Cubic Corporation

Cubic's Mission Support Services (MSS) represents a major component of the services business of Cubic Corporation's Defense sector. MSS does business through several legal entities offering our customers access to a broad spectrum of quality products and services at very competitive market rates to meet dynamic requirements.

  • Cubic Applications, Inc. (CAI)
  • NEK Services, Inc. (NEK)
  • Cubic Worldwide Technical Services, Inc. (CWTS)
  • Abraxas Corporation (ABX)

MSS is functionally organized into two operating groups, one large program (group equivalent) and two subsidiaries, the Abraxas Corporation and NEK Services, Inc.

Headquartered out of Olympia, Washington, MSS groups are based throughout the continental United States to better support Government requirements. Each group has its own unique customer base, however all groups complement each other and provide the necessary synergy to meet government requirements at home and abroad. (Read More...)