MAGTF Training Systems Support (MTSS)

Cubic Applications, Inc.'s (CAI) Marine Air Ground Task Force [MAGTF] Training Systems Support (MTSS) contract provides "cradle-to-grave" services that support USMC unit and staff training at designated simulation sites and training facilities. Under this contract and its two predecessors, CAI has been the principal US Marine Corps (USMC) mission support contractor providing training services since April of 1998. CAI performs all functional and technical mission support activities necessary to plan, prepare, and execute in conjunction with Marine Corps specific training, and Combatant Command sponsored Joint, Combined, and Coalition exercises, which are reviewed annually by specific implementing organizations throughout the Marine Corps. Currently, Training and Education Command (TECOM) supports Marine Corps-wide staff and individual training for Command and Control (C2), staff decision-making, advisor training and information systems under multiple management structures. CAI manages contract support services and contract support teams at the five Marine Corps simulation sites and makes provisions for any future sites. These include each Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Training Center at 29 Palms, California, and Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC) in Hawaii, Marine Forces Europe (Europe) at Stuttgart, Germany, the Marine Corps University and Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron – 1 (MAWTS- 1), the MAGTF Staff Training Program (MSTP), Quantico, Virginia. In addition, support services will also include C2 Training and Education Company (TECO), Quantico, Virginia; the MAGTF Integrated System Training Centers (MISTC) the Combined Arms Staff Trainers (CAST) located at each MEF and 29 Palms, Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group (MCLOG), Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, NC and the First Naval Construction Division, Norfolk, VA.

Under the MTSS contract, CAI provides mission support services for live, virtual and constructive training, exercises, and mission rehearsals to Marines at worldwide locations, including the USMC's Marine Expeditionary Force Battle Simulation Centers. As a component of MTSS, CAI also provides all mission support services necessary to execute the MAGTF Staff Training Program (MSTP). The primary MTSS training audience consists of the MEF commanders, their command elements, Major Subordinate Commanders (MSCs) and their staffs. Other elements of the MTSS customer / training audience include:

  • Various elements of the USMC Training and Education Command
  • Marine Corps Combat Development Command
  • Marine Corps Systems Command
  • Marine Corps Warfighting Lab
  • Marine Corps University
  • Joint Forces Command
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Foreign military forces under the US military cooperative engagement program

The focus of the MTSS program is to improve the warfighting skills of USMC deployable units. Specific exercise tasks supported by CAI include:

  • Exercise design, scenario development, planning, preparation, and execution
  • Training Event Support
  • Mission support to MSTP
  • Mission support to Center for Irregular Warfare/Integration Division Capabilities Development Directorate
  • Opposition Force (OPFOR) operations
  • Simulation systems hardware/software integration, installation, operations, and maintenance
  • Database design, development, and management
  • After Action Review (AAR) preparation and presentation
  • Exercise controller training and management
  • Wide and Local Area Network engineering, configuration, installation, and operation
  • Mission support to MCLOG in a wide spectrum of simulated Command Post Exercises (CPXs) at all Logistics Combat Element (LCE) levels
  • Administration and management of Government Furnished Property (GFP), including worldwide deployment and redeployment
  • Program Management and Administration